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Features and Benefits

Cross connects gives you a very reliable, extremely low latency communication system for almost all brokers and exchanges on the market.

High speed X-connect

Superior performance

Host for FX broker servers. Direct connections with most major brokers. Ultra-low latency compared to others. Guaranteed exponentially faster delivery of trade orders at your broker.

Forex® VPS® Enhanced Tick Count

Enhanced Tick Count

Low latency means no ticks are lost in transit, so you receive every single tick. This is important because software can only work when it receives a tick.

No Slippage

Minimized Slippage

Low latency + resilient, hardware virtualization, enterprise-class virtual machines results in immediate processing of every tick, minimizing slippage.

Guaranteed uptime

Guaranteed uptime

We operate our own strategically located network. By connecting your partner ecosystem in a geographically diverse facility, you can flexibly customize your digital edge. To add even more flexibility, Multihome configurations have an SLA of 100% availability.

Why X-connect is so important

X-connect Lead time
X-connect Lead time

In the capital markets, low latency is the key to success. X-connect enables algorithmic robots to respond to market events faster than competitors. Our lightning-fast cross-connection increases the profitability of trades. For example, when performing arbitrage strategies, the ability to "work" the market can only present itself for a few milliseconds before parity is achieved. To demonstrate the value that clients put on latency, in 2007 a large global investment bank has stated that every millisecond lost results in $100m per annum in lost opportunities. The critical factor for long-term profitability is the speed with which you access information and evaluate the market. Then the speed to open/close the order is to the broker. To ensure that these times are kept to a minimum, Forex® VPS® UK X-connect is mandatory. Of course, the final result depends on the speed of execution of the trade of a broker at the desired price. This is why, for best results, use the fastest broker on the market for the specific currency pair.

X-connect Reviews

Our user trust is the first priority! Real customers opinions from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Overseas Territories. Everyone trusts their X connect. Behind every review is an experience that matters. Only real experience. We publish reviews in the form in which they are received, without corrections. No incentive or payment has been given to write a review. All comments express the author's personal opinion. In some cases, it may be subjective.

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James Robert

Absolutely necessary technology for automated trading.

— James Robert —

New York.
Forex® VPS® US property X-connect technology is essential for the automated trading robot. It allows artificial intelligence to make better analytics and to takes better decisions.

Richard Joseph

Ultra Low Latency for high-frequency trading.

— Richard Joseph —

Thank you, guys. Your Interconnected Global Network Infrastructure caters to me. Forex® VPS® US provides me direct access and communication with Liquidity Providers and other financial data partners inside global top data centers. Your solution offers a premium environment for any Brokerage looking to achieve ultra-low latency and optimal hosting of their MT4/MT5 and cTrader servers. In-house experts work closely with me to create tailored solutions for my specific needs, while also providing proactive 24/7 business and technical support with fast response times. I receive a reply to my questions in less than an hour. X-connect technology provides the sub-millisecond connectivity that is essential for creating a superior trading environment.

Kenneth Williams

Best Forex Infrastructure Solution.

— Kenneth Williams —

Reliable and low-latency hosting for Trading Platforms, Affiliate, IB Software, Client Portals, and Databases. World-class Provider. X-connect network is comprised of high-quality network hardware for high-speed, stable connectivity. They prioritize low latency with their strategically designed network infrastructure, utilizing multiple network carriers that can handle high traffic demands.

David Donald

Resolve Latency Issues

— David Donald —

The company implements advanced network systems that minimize latency issues. Utmost leading-edge technological advances with the best performances today and in the near future. They guarantee secure direct market access (DMA), and direct connection to the order book of the forex exchange at very attractive prices. Now even small retail traders like me can use all these advantages which usually are possible only for the biggest well-capitalized trading organizations. If you wish to ensure that latency issues do not impact the speed and outcome of your forex trades use Forex® VPS® US X-connect with no worries.

Mary Johnson

Superb Technology.

— Mary Johnson —

In order to stay on the competitive lead lap, take all possible measures to streamline the trading operation. First, use X-connect. In this way, eliminated surplus latency. Then choose a competent broker. Selecting a broker with a robust technological infrastructure and a leading-edge trading platform is essential. Don't only rely on X-connect. This is the best possible ultra-low latency technology for trading, but even it can not compensate for slow servers or badly configured brokers' servers. Keep in mind that holding of orders or re-execution of orders occurs on exchange and brokers' servers, not due to network connection. Be sure to perform the necessary due diligence and select the best firm for the job.

My AI Forex Robot require X-connect for best results.

Karen Ronald

Expert Advisor have a success rate of 62.47% my local PC. After transfered the bot on Forex VPS equipped with X-Connect and AlwaysUP Protection®. The success rate increase to 97.59%. Improvement comes because the bot receive much faster more information. This in turn allow it to takes proper decisions.

Barbara Golic Johns

Incredible fast support

Barbara Golic Johns

Very reliable servers and perfect support. Highly recommend. Support team is available 24/7. They reply me in minutes. No chat bots. Real white humans. Helpful answers even of my dummy questions.

Forex® VPS® US is phenomenal!

Gary Erickson

North Dakota.
X-connect is my favorite financical hosting technology. Forex® VPS® US is best company I have ever tried, thanks to your 24/7 support team. They are very helpful and understanding. Your continues sales discounts are very generous specially if I want to upgrade my current plan. Your sales and billing team are so cooperative. I am very satisfied customer. Keep it up! Thank you.

Excellent quality

Joshua James

Very transparent and reliable company. I shopped around for a few services. This is the best value for the price. Customer service is so amazing it will melt your heart off. Ping time to my broker is so freakin fast. The download speed is 10Gbps. I recommend these guys to anyone just starting and needing a X-connection. All 5 star rating from me.

Forex Fury achieves incredible success

Ryan Jefferson

X-connect - a prerequisite for rapid market analysis and order processing. Infrastructure of Forex® VPS® UK is immune to human limitations such as exhaustion and fatigue. The bot monitors and manages multiple currency pairs and trading accounts simultaneously more efficiently compared to if it is in action on local PC.

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